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Salims authentic Indian Restaurat

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Maharaja Express 

Salim's Indian Restaurant has joined with Great Central Railway in this very exciting journey on the  Maharaja  Express. Maybe you're wondering What is Maharaja Express !! ??  Have you ever fancied a curry on the train ? That's what it is ! A journey in time on a old steam train. First class dinning for 84 people on two coaches and the third being the kitchen. Yes , We are actually cooking on the trains kitchen and serving food while the train is moving & travelling through the picturesque country side of  Charnwood and swithland Lake and the Old Rothely Gas light station. Our Customers are offered a full 5 course menu for the cost of £35 per person. This Includes Food & Train ride. This is a truly magnificent journey & it is a one of a kind in the UK to serve curry on a train.

Maharaja Express rides twice a year in the month of March & August on a Wednesday Evening at 7.30PM from Great Central Railway Station Loughborough.

P.S : For any more details or booking for this event, Please call G.C.R at 01509 230726 or call us at 01509 213200 for further enquiries.